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What is virtual reality?
Virtual reality is a technologically created world that is perceived by a person through sensations, primarily vision and hearing. Modern technology with the help of special equipment and high-quality computer graphics can create a reliable reality that everyone can plunge into.

Attractions based on VR headsets create an unforgettable experience of immersion in virtual reality!
The headsets allows you to track movements in real space, which greatly increases immersion in virtual reality! And the controllers are able to create a sense of contact with virtual reality.
This is how virtual reality is look like!
Physical movements in space are possible on an area from 2x2 to 4.5x4.5 meters.
What are our advantages?
Free presentation
You can come to our VR-PORT virtual reality club, where we will conduct a trial immersion in VR and tell you about rental.
Best Hedsets in Lviv
We offer the best virtual reality headset HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Quest best standalone headset
We care about you SAFETY
Each set before and after use is disinfected with special means, and we will also bring you set of disposable hygiene masks.
Many VR games
Many various games is provided for each set of virtual reality, and by agreement, we can install the games according to your desire.
Flexible pricing
Now we offer the best prices in Lviv, and there are special offers for event agencies, bloggers and regular customers.

VR headsets for rental

More products

VR is very cool!

Adventure and action
Sit quietly near ocean, walk through the cities of Europe or immerse yourself in an incredible adventure story or take a jump from a high-rise building - everyone will find something for themselves.
Children's entertainment
Fun and exciting games waiting for you. Draw, cook, repair machines or even work in the office and much more.
Sport games
Many active games: Beat saber, Space pirate trainer, Pistol whip and others.
Quests and puzzles
Incredible and interesting Half Life: Alyx, Batman: ARKHAM, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and many others.
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Our customer reviews
Yustya Moiseiv
Very cool place! DR celebrated here incredible experience! Here is many Cool virtual reality games, and also we were here in the classic escape room. All very friendly and help as with everything. We Will definitely be back again!
Olya Kovalchuk
A well-equipped place for VR, for the first time I see that disposable hygiene masks was given in vr club. We had a wonderful briefing, we decide to play here again.
Yulya Gazdyk
Came here with friends to play in the VR-quest Pyramid, the graphics are just perfect, it was very interesting and exciting. Good new equipment, which was cleaned in front of us with special disinfectants, which is also very important. I will recommend that place to everyone and definitely come in VR Port again 😉

Helpful information

Also we will be happy to answer on your questions by phone:
+38 096 6381674
1_On what you should pay attention then your booking?
We advise you to book in advance so that you are sure that the equipment will be free.
Make sure you have a place that is suitable for hosting VR equipment, and high-quality WIFI
2_At what age can you play VR games?
We recommend playing VR to children over 8 years old! And under the supervision of adults.
No, it is better to abstain from alcohol before the game. Administrators have the right not to let play the game in a state of intoxication.
4_Pregnant VS. VR?
We do not recommend virtual reality for pregnant women.
5_Can I play in a virtual reality headset with glasses for sight?
Yes, because our VR headsets allow you to use glasses of almost any size.

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